Lost Pet Services
The PETPARENT Missing Pet Radar
PETPARENT’s no-cost Lost Pet Service is a comprehensive feature that combines the resources of participating local community partners with the assistance of like-minded pet owners to automatically trigger action designed to quickly locate and bring lost pets home safely.
Report A Pet Missing
You can easily login to your account and to file a lost pet report. You will be asked some basic questions such as, “where your pet was last seen?” This quick feature also allows you to expand additional contact information of nearby friends and mobile contact numbers, broadening your search net instantaneously.
Missing Pet Radar Alert
Combining the resources of local community partners and members of PETPARENT Missing Pet Radar, Email alerts are dispatched, enlisting the help of fellow pet-owners who have agreed to help search for and find lost pets. The missing pet alert is also prominently displayed on the home page of the local PETPARENT website and is instantly posted to all of PETPARENT’s social media accounts to expand the lost pet search.
Missing Pet Is Located
Using the unique PETPARENT collar tag identification code, anyone who finds a lost pet can locate the pet’s profile and contact information online. Any smart phone or computer allows the pet owner to be notified quickly with the click of a mouse, Email, text or phone call.
Missing Pet Is Returned
When the missing pet radar is properly used, we believe pets will have a much greater likelihood of being returned to their owners. Found pets can be held by the finder, picked up by the happy and relieved pet owner, or dropped off for free at the participating local community animal services center.
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