Secure Features for Empowered Municipalities, Counties & Parishes
Speed, Ease and Security All Rolled into One Process
On-site Payment Features
With PETPARENT’s secure online payment methodology, local government staff and pet license-selling vendors are able to efficiently process pet license applications as well as collect payments. Your staff has the option to either direct pet owners to the website permitting them to complete registration, or administrators can themselves collect and enter the information and process payment by credit card, debit card or check payment. Once the registration and payment information has been processed, PETPARENT mails the license tag(s) and pet rewards card to the applicant. This process usually can be completed in a matter of a few business days. Each transaction is recorded in the PETPARENT system by date and type and can easily be retrieved with a few keystrokes. PETPARENT provides each participating community with training in the use of its system, including updates for new employees when necessary.
Pet Owner and Animal Look-up Features
Using any Internet-enabled device, including smartphones, administrative users, animal services staff and public safety officials can use the PETPARENT system to search registered pets by breed, name, street name, address, as well as the owner’s first and last name plus contact information. Additionally, they can search by each pet’s ID pet license tag number. This is a key system competitive advantage to communities wishing to encourage more aggressive license renewal campaigns and strengthens return-on-investment time resources for possible door-to-door sales.
Account Editing, Updating & Note-taking features
Local administrators and public safety personnel can easily utilize the PETPARENT system to update, change and edit pet and pet owner information with a few keystrokes. Additionally, notes may be added to each registered account to track notable incidents with specific pets or pet owners.
On Demand Financial and Sales Reporting
The PETPARENT system offers local administrators the flexibility of pre-packaged program performance reports, or customized reports that include geographic look-up, license sales by type over time, and financial records, etc.
Website Content Management Features
PETPARENT offers training to all partnership communities including making additions, deletions and editing of the local branded PETPARENT site. In effect, this allows local administrators to use the system not only for registration and payment processing, but as a Public Information resource to disseminate pet-related news, details about pet-related community events, licensing and registration policy changes, and seasonal warnings and advice for pet owners and their pets.
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